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Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches are a great way to make your logo or insignia stand out without puckering. An embroidered patch offers richer, more detailed designs and greater flexibility than direct embroidery at a fraction of the cost.

There are many different types of custom patches. The choice to embroider patches means your product will have a strong combination of detailing, contrast, and texture. With an embroidered patch, you also have a choice of backings. Whether you want your patch to be an iron on patch, sew on patch, adhesive patch, or velcro patch, we can do it all when it comes to custom patches.






Woven labels, often used as clothes labels, can be sewn, ironed, or even attached via peel ‘n’ stick to the seams, backs of collars, or hems of clothes made of a wide range of fabrics-even ones as difficult as silk and leather. The design is woven from your choice of threads, creating a durable, washable, polished one-piece product capable of expressing higher levels of detail than embroidery.

Woven labels can also be placed on purses, luggage, toys, promotional items, rugs, towels, bedding, and more. Whether you’re creating a clothes label or a towel label, you want to put your best foot forward with woven labels because they represent your company’s brand. With clothes labels for children’s clothes, you may also want to consider the ultrasonic cut for soft edges and maximum comfort.


Woven patches are essentially woven labels with merrow borders and choice of backing. Custom woven patches are better than custom embroidered patches for designs featuring minute details and very fine lettering. The backing options are the same for custom embroidered patches and custom woven patches. However, a woven patch has a slightly different look and texture than an embroidered one. Which one you choose is a matter of preference. If you aren’t sure, ask one of our friendly customer service reps for a recommendation based on your project specs.


Felt patches have a raised, fuzzy appearance and are sewn onto felt backgrounds and cut to size. Typically used as letterman jacket patches, chenille patches are usually stitched in large sizes and are ideal for patches not requiring high levels of detail. They are embroidered with heavy yarns such as wool, cotton, or acrylic using a technique in which a loop (moss) stitch is formed on the top side of the fabric using a chain stitch machine.

Look no further than felt when it comes to patches for letterman jackets. No matter the sport, the mascot, or the letters, felt patches will give you the classic look expected of letterman jacket patches. Patches for letterman jackets may include patches featuring the school mascot, year number, school letters, player number, team name, championship awards, and the like. Some fraternities also opt to get letterman jackets bearing their letters in chenille.s for children’s clothes, you may also want to consider the ultrasonic cut for soft edges and maximum comfort.